Welcome to shine business academy

It is amazing to have you here! 



Shine business academy started from a love of learning,  business and supporting new business owners. 


We truly believe that you can create an amazing business, one that fills you up, makes you happy and supports your amazing incredible life!


The academy is a place to come and learn about running your business from experienced business owners. 


It is a safe space, to learn, grow and development. A space where there is no such thing as a silly question and mistakes are seen as learning


We want to help you learn all about marketing, sales and social media and get yourself a working funnel that helps you build your audience, make sales and generate income that supports you and your family!

team profiles

shine business academy

Lorna - founder

My passion is learning and I run several online education programmes supporting women to start their own businesse, new parents and I’ve been involved with children’s activities for decades!
I love running my business, I love the freedom and flexibility it has given me to build my brand around my family and the opportunities that it has given us to work and travel. 
I’d love to support you to grow your very own amazing business too!