start your amazing business!

start your amazing business is the business course for new business owners looking to start, build or scale their business

If you’ve been sitting on a business idea but have no idea on how to get started, this course is for you. We are going to help you start and build your amazing business! 

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our course starting on Monday 16th January

Build your amazing business
is an 8 week course

Designed to help you to start and build your business around your lifestyle and family our course offers 


– weekly live trainings, recorded and available on your course dashboard

– Q&A sessions

– printables

– templates

– a community of amazing business owners starting and building their business for support


we cover topics including 

– mapping out your business

– marketing

– sales

– tech

– your amazing product or service

– systems and processes

– business development

– finance 

and customer service


The course is delivered over 8 weeks and you have access to all the materials for 12 months. 

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amazing business?

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Our course covers five main themes

We cover these themes over 8 weeks to help you start or build your business. You have access to the resources for 12 months. 

What is included in our start your amazing business course

– weekly training calls, delivered live and available on catch up. Trainings cover topics including programme development, branding, marketing, sales, your business map, financial planning, strategic innovation, systems, processes and customer service 


– community group, meet others for support in building, growing and scaling! 


– we have printables and templates you can use so you can start, grow or scale your class based business 


– lots of opportunity for Q&A

We start on Monday 16th January and we’d love to welcome you along! 

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