Day four - sharing content

On the fourth day of Christmas – shine suggested to me….



That I should share my amazing content! 


I did a workshop recently with a group of business owners and we took just a moment to list the content we had already created. This is a little snapshot of the list that they came up with! 


– recipe books

– event planning template

– photos

– instruction manuals on app development

– video footage on fixing appliances

– illustrations

– motivational quotes for new parents

– maps for tourists

– recorded zoom trainings 

– podcasts

– blog posts on a whole host of different topics

– styling ideas

– knitting patterns

– photography tips

– interviews with experts

– price guides

– guides on how to grow house plants


All this amazing content had already been created and was living on the internet or their computers. Content that would be really helpful to their audiences. 


Sometimes it is not about creating new things, we can repurpose what we already have. 


I’d love you to quickly write down some of the content that you have already created in your business that would help your ideal customer. 


Once you’ve got your list it is time to share it with the world! 


Use what you’ve got and find a way to repurpose it so that it is helpful to your ideal customer. We’ve popped some ideas below of where you can share your content to help you connect with your audience and build your business! 


Good luck, we’d love to hear how you get on!