we are here to support you to create your amazing business!

Our mission is support amazing people to create amazing businesses! 

We’ve been talking to our community this week and 100% of them want to grow their business in 2023 but over 60% don’t have a marketing map or a plan of how they are going to do it!

We’d love to help 

Join us for Jumpstart January, our free trainings, starting on the 23rd of January we are going to be helping you map out your marketing for 2023

Starts Monday 23rd January

Starting on Monday 23rd of January and running over 3 days, we are going to run free training sessions covering 


– identifying your ideal customer and working out how best to help them

– your content strategy

– mapping out your marketing strategy so you can be targeted in your efforts 

– launching, how to do it and setting a date for your new plan to go live! 

– creating the most amazing customer experience so you can create fans of your business

map out your marketing plan for your business

The challenge is free and you can sign up for information on the trainings, copies of the printables and an invite to our Facebook group by clicking the button below! 

Do let us know if you need any assistance or if we can help answer any questions for you – hello@shinebusinessacademy.com