5 marketing ideas for your business

5 marketing ideas for your business

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business, you can have the best business in the world but if people don't know about it you are not going to grow and scale

1. start with social media 


This is one of the most obvious marketing tool for businesses. Set up social media channels for your business, choose one or two to focus on and work on posting regular content up on your pages. An image of your product or service, some information or advice posts are easy for your audience to like and share. There are 1 billion people on facebook, your audience is there, start talking to them and joining groups that they hang out in. Consider advertising on social media, join in on a weekly hashtag or challenge e.g. #throwbackthursday, create a content map and measure your insights so that it is easy to review your efforts.

2. create printables and newsletters and use them as an email opt in to increase your email list. 


Once you have an email list you can send newsletters to let them know of your product or service, it is a great and free way of starting conversations. Use free design services such as Canva or picmonkey to create your graphics and a service like MailChimp for your newsletters which is free under 2000 subscribers.

3. ask your current customers for feedback 


that you can use as testimonials or stories to help you promote your business


4. publish a video 


get to know your customers and let your customers know your business. Give them the opportunity to know, like and trust you! Facebook live is a great way of getting in front of your audience as the algorithm on the platform prioritises video, just make sure you have an idea of your content before going live so it is a positive experience for your customers and your business. 


5. run an event

invite your current customers along and ask them to invite a friend. Events could be online or unperson and could include breakfast meetings, shows, charity events, exhibitions, networking events or a product launch, and they are a great opportunity to showcase your offering.